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Couleur Café

With 2018 campaign being a success, how could we make 2019 even better?

Social Media

The context

Couleur Café is one of the most popular festival in Brussels thanks to its musical diversity and its unique atmosphere. For the edition 2019 the organiser put even more effort into the decoration of the event setting and activities. This event has become more and more successful each year. The 2019 edition was a great success with sold-outs and 70,000 festival-goers in 3 days!

The challenge

The 2018 edition of Couleur Café was a real success with thousands of festival-goers present every day. With 2018 being a great year, how could we make 2019 even better? While the organisers set the bar high by recruiting over 60 live bands, 40 DJs & dub collectives, the challenge for VOICE was to boost ticket sales by targeting the best audiences for every genre through a paid media strategy.

The solution

To help Couleur Café surpass its ticket sales from previous editions, we developed a paid media strategy with a clear conversion goal.

We kicked things off with an 1st phase focussed on awareness in order to reach as many festival-lovers as possible and inform them about the different types of tickets available for the 2019 edition. The main objective here was to broadcast informative ads about the festival, through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

We then switched to the next phase focussing on actual conversion. The goal was to convert the audience’s interest into a specific action: purchase of a 1-day ticket, a 3-day pass, a camping-combi ticket and even drink and food vouchers. Thanks to retargeting and regular optimization, we generated great campaign results!

The result

The campaign was a great success. The number of tickets sold online has almost doubled compared to the 2018 edition. For each 1 € invested in advertising, VOICE managed to generate an average of 54,50 € of sales.

People reached
54,5 €
Average Return On Ad Spend
Average CTR on social ads