After gathering valuable insights in the step 1 of the trust building journey and translating them into a detailed strategy in step 2, it is time to turn data into action. So, where do we start ?

First, we engage you. Because trust is built upon acts. Your acts.

There is a strong view amongst people that companies must deliver on their promise to their customers, and for behaviours of everyone in the company to reflect the values of the business. For brands to help build trust they need to demonstrate that they “really believe” in what they say they stand for. 

This may require concrete action taking on your side.

Our toolbox:

  • Awareness campaign
  • CEO activism
  • Social selling
  • Brand activism

Secondly, we engage your customers/stakeholders.

It is essential to be where your audience is. Our tools can help you determine where to be and what type of content you should engage your customers or stakeholders with. To this purpose, our multi-skilled teams will help you develop a full range of communication tools and actions. From visual identity to website development, media campaigns, press relations, social media advertising, community management, copywriting…

VOICE has every tool in the box to make you stop advertising and start engaging !

Our toolbox:

  • Citizen engagement
  • Press engagement
  • Influencer engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer relations
  • Social selling

What comes next ?

We listen carefully to the feedback, analyse the results and incorporate the learnings. 

Skills deployed for this mission:


The information and insights you share with your audiences to generate trust and business opportunities.

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Combined analytics from multiple touchpoints for optimal, targeted media buying and creative messaging.

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Social Media
Social Media

The group of operations used to generate publicity and engagement for your brand through social media channels.

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The use of Internet-based advertising tools to research, manage, track and improve your advertising campaigns.

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Press and Public Relations

The strategic communication processes used to improve your most valuable asset : your reputation.

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