"Good listeners make smarter marketers." - Voice Agency

Before you expect people to trust who you are, you better know it yourself!

That’s why the first thing we do when launching the trust building process is to listen to what you can tell us about your brand or organization in terms of:

  • Objectives: What are your business objectives? Do they translate into clear communication objectives?
  • Target audience: Who are you talking to? Who do you want to engage? To map your target audience, we humanize all of the details that you tell us about your target audience into persona’s with a lifestyle, gender, age,...
  • Content: what are your content assets (the pieces of content you can use as business tools)? What have you already produced that could be relevant and be adapted or updated and leveraged to trigger the interest and engagement of your stakeholders?
  • Stakeholders : Who are your competitors? Who are your fans and your opponents? What are the voices that matter in the environment of your brand or organization?
  • Reputation: Who are your internal and external ambassadors, your subject matters experts?