Our skills: a transmedia approach

Should you be on Facebook or on LinkedIn ? With what type of content ? And how about radio ? Should your brand be mentioned in the press ? Should you do SEA or SEO ? The answer is simple: you should be where your audience is, period.

Our tools and technologies can help you identify where to best interact with your audiences and we can recommend the most appropriate type of content to build trust with your audience.

VOICE helps your brand or organization to build this relationship of trust with the customers/citizens by creating transmedia journeys combining content, creativity and technology.

Technology enables us to select the right communication channels and content, maximizing ‘Return On Attention’ (ROA) in order to create positive experiences for your audience while driving traffic and revenue to your door.

With its transmedia approach, VOICE combines the full skills set of a communication agency to promote the growth and reputation of brands and organizations:

Communication Audit
Research & Review

The collection of information about your contents, customers, competitors, fans and opponents, business objectives and environment…

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Combined analytics from multiple touchpoints for optimal, targeted media buying and creative messaging.

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The plan to reach and persuade your audience to buy your product or service.

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The overarching ‘’big idea’’ that captures your audience’s interest and inspires them to take action.

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The information and insights you share with your audiences to generate trust and business opportunities.

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Social Media
Social Media

The group of operations used to generate publicity and engagement for your brand through social media channels.

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Digital Media

Digital advertising to define, manage, track and improve campaigns; from media to digital destinations developement.

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Press and Public Relations
Influencers & PR

The strategic communication processes used to improve your most valuable asset : your reputation.

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