Turning data into actionable insights

After carefully researching and establishing the status quo in the listening phase, the next step is to process all this precious information to turn it into a strategy of communication designed to boost the trust for your brand or organization.

Actually, the problem is not a lack of data or information, but the overload of it. Thanks to big data, explaining consumer behaviour is not hard anymore. But making the data inspiring is. Turning your brand’s mound of research into tight, affordable, actionable ideas and content strategies is what makes our planners indispensable.

Our toolbox:


  • KPI definition
  • Lead acquisition strategy
  • Soul Building (Your WHY)
  • Engagement strategy
  • Social Purpose Development
  • CSR strategy
  • VO Creative Lab

Skills deployed for this mission:


The plan to reach and persuade your audience to buy your product or service.

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The overarching ‘’big idea’’ that captures your audience’s interest and inspires them to take action.

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The information and insights you share with your audiences to generate trust and business opportunities.

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Combined analytics from multiple touchpoints for optimal, targeted media buying and creative messaging.

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