What is the first step for establishing a successful media and communication strategy?

It starts with listening. First we listen to you. What are your business objectives? What are your most pressing challenges? What is your purpose? Then we open our ears and eyes to what your customers and/or stakeholders are saying and experiencing. We can do this by conducting a comparative survey of your competitive ecosystem, by analysing your reputation (on- and offline) and your perception among journalists and other stakeholders.

We also activate our monitoring and analytics tools on a regular basis in order to measure the impact of your actions and communication on your level of trust.

Our toolbox:

Data analysis

  • Intake sessions
  • Traffic & website analysis
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Data analytics
  • SEO audit


  • Competition benchmark
  • Online monitoring
  • Reputation analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer surveys (focus groups)
  • Personal building vs big data
  • Trust survey

Skills deployed for this mission:

Communication Audit

The collection of information about your contents, customers, competitors, fans and opponents, business objectives and environment…

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The information and insights you share with your audiences to generate trust and business opportunities.

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Combined analytics from multiple touchpoints for optimal, targeted media buying and creative messaging.

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