Voice's 2023 Trust Survey

The new edition of our survey, measuring citizens and consumers perceived trust in brands and institutions.

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Trust is an essential part of any successful relationship, be it personal or business. It creates an atmosphere of loyalty, allowing stakeholders to be more open to engage with organizations, and for the later to be comfortable providing a higher quality service, experience, or product.

Communication can build trust by demonstrating an organization’s commitment to - amongst others - transparency, integrity, products and services qualities. Stakeholders should be made aware of novelties, changes to products or services, new initiatives companies are taking not only to improve their experience but also the role they are playing in building a more fair, inclusive, and responsible world.

As a communication agency, we collaborate with clients to create valuable relationships between them and their communities. We aim to develop campaigns and experiences that are engaging and bring in results, creating relationships. The cement of those being trust. Curious and willing to understand concerns citizens and consumers may have we have conducted (in partnership with AQ Rate), for the second time, a national survey about perceived trust towards brands, institutions and organizations.

You can now access your own copy of our white paper dedicated to the results.

Main contents

Introduction & Technical sheet

Belgians' main issues of concern

Degree of trust in 9 economic sectors