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Conversion campaign for a music festival case study

Couleur Café

A conversion campaign using the social media platforms Facebook & Instagram to sell tickets for the festival, as well as for the campsite.

Concept , Social Media , PR

The context

After 20 years of Couleur Café at Tour & Taxis, a sense of lassitude had settled in and the true identity of Couleur Café was somehow fading away. The festival decided to change venue and to move to one of the most emblematic places in Brussels: the beautiful Parc de l’Atomium. This relocation was accompanied by a return to the core essence of the Couleur Café festival: true world music. A genuine ‘’back to the roots’’ process.

The challenge

It was multifaceted. First to (re)build a clear positioning with respect to other festivals by highlighting the new "back to the roots" strategy of Couleur Café. Then to put the non-musical aspect of the festival in the light (the atmosphere, the animations, the food, the festival-goers) and to showcase the beautiful new venue of the Parc de l’Atomium. And last but not least, to make people want to buy tickets for the next edition of Couleur Café by engaging them with fun, dynamic and interactive content.

The solution

We started with a press conference announcing the new venue and the new ‘’back to the roots’’ approach of Couleur Café.

We increased the community #CoulCaf with a fan acquisition campaign.

We brought credibility to the non-musical aspect of the 2017 edition with a campaign of engagement posts. We attracted the public with dynamic formats via a campaign of video views. To summarise, we made people want to buy their tickets for the new version of the Couleur Café Festival via four campaigns: Engagement Post, Website Conversion, Video Views, Website Clicks.

The result

The very thorough study of the various audiences of Couleur Café, the pinpoint accurate configurations and the constant optimisation of the social ads campaigns allowed Voice to directly and significantly contribute to the huge success of the 2017 and 2018 editions of Couleur Café. The return ratio for 1 euro invested in Social Media was 16 euros in ticketing.

  • ROI social advertising : 1680% in 2018
  • 581.000 persons reached (ad’s)
  • 21.734 clicks to ticketing
  • 134.336 engagements (ad’s)
  • 650 conversions
ROI in 2018 on social advertising
Clicks to ticketing
Persons reached through ads