Gérard Steenhoudt

Graphic Designer

When the expertise speaks to the net, graphic design becomes even greater. Gérard makes the signs dance.

Laure Vandeghinste

PR Project Manager

Don’t worry: this girl from West Flanders can’t pronounce her own name properly either. Luckily she is a little Social PR champion who will get your brand giant coverage, online ánd offline.

Bruno Borges

Graphic Designer

Bruno is a demanding and versatile aesthete, who conceives and designs the great creative graphics and digital projects of our clients.

Julien Brasseur

PR Project Leader

Together with his public relations team, Julien is on a mission to reinvent classic PR into social PR. Our wish for him? For Queens of the Stone Age to cover 'Orange Blossom' and dedicate it to him.

Annemie Verschueren

Operations Manager

Besides her love for horse riding, Annemie is sometimes quite the dark horse herself. At Voice she ensures the quality of internal workflows to guarantee high-performing results for our clients.

Mélanie Chamaah

Social Media Project Leader

Mélanie has a supernatural gift for life and this reflects in her capacity to develop exceptional social media strategies and content, no matter what the subject is.

Chris Viceroy

New Business Supervisor

Chris is always inspired and we suspect it's because of her Spotify addiction. Leading on-going projects or spotting new client's needs, she always motivates people to take things to the next level.

Karel Goethals

PR Consultant

You'll usually find Karel reading the news or withstanding city traffic on his folding bicycle. This Brussels lover produces fab PR content, develops blogger and corporate relations and organises press events.

Alexandra Curelea

PR Project Manager

'Dedicated’ should be Alexandra’s middle name. She has results in here genes and puts all her energy into her clients' communication challenges.

Serge Somerling

Account Director & Partner

He likes a real challenge, solving them calms him. Serge manages accounting as others would do their hair.

Pierre Visart

New Business Developer

As a father of six, Pierre knows exactly how to quickly recognise specific needs for a wide range of businesses and their particular requirements.

Irina Chirsanov

Digital Project Manager

It is with the care and precision of a calligrapher that Irina accompanies our clients in the accomplishment of their projects.

Sven Nijs

Creative Director & Managing Partner

Creative intelligence without any frills; a challenge that Sven accepts with verve and modesty.

Hubert Canart

Web & Digital Project Leader

Hubert knows all about climbing and even at Voice he takes his web and design team to new heights, developing outstanding websites and applications for our clients.

Patrick Parmentier

Managing Director

Patrick might be an avid ukulele player but he is certainly not a soloist. As strategic consultant, he guides our team of digital experts to ensure satisfied clients.

Jérôme Coppée

Web Developer

We have a hunch that Jérôme has a different t-shirt for just about every occasion, just like he can customise code for any creative web project you throw at him.

Michel Culot

CEO VO Group

As CEO of VO Group, Michel is the company's answer to James Bond. With his typical elegant audacity and sense of adventure, he daily succeeds at exciting the team.

Melina Mpotos

Community Manager

Discreet. And in her discreet way she will turn your conversation into brightness!

Karin Cuppens

Community Manager

Precise, friendly and sharp! If you meet Karin, you will surely want to work with her!


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