Sibelga Case study

To remind the intervention teams at Sibelga of the importance of security instructions, Voice dreamed up a powerful internal prevention campaign.


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For this campaign, Voice worked closely with VO (for the event set-up) and Skemmi (for the creation of a giant video game). The goal: getting the participants to experience an unforgettable and powerful group moment to make them aware of the accident risks and their own responsibilities concerning this when they are in the field.

Specifically, 400 unsuspecting Sibelga technicians were invited to a cinema in Brussels one morning. Suddenly, they saw themselves -live- on the gigantic screen. Their mission: guide the on-screen technician together, making sure he avoids all risks of electrocution and explosions and does not get hurt. How? By moving their own arms from one side to the other, they could ‘steer’ their on-screen co-worker.

The grand finale of the experience was a major explosion, illustrating that many participants actually did not pay attention during the whole game. Immediately, the members of the Sibelga Board of Directors distributed funeral wreaths, just to recall the message of the campaign: we do not play with security!

At the end of the event, a second round of the game was played to ensure the technicians had got the message before leaving to accomplish their missions -real this time- for the day.

“This game reflects the reality of our job very well. We experienced something fun that also reminded us of the procedures that save our lives on a daily basis. The message was delivered perfectly and we salute Voice’s creativity!” one of the participants enthusiastically expressed.

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