Waterloo 2015 Case study

Engaging the public for a major historical re-enactment with modern-day marketing.


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Waterloo 2015

Voice aimed for both public awareness and sizable ticket sales by communicating the greatest historical re-enactment to date using online marketing, social media, and public relations.

In June 2015, the world commemorated the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, a decisive historic event. The non-profit organisation Bataille de Waterloo 1815 planned the most impressive reconstruction ever seen in Europe. Five thousand re-enactors, three hundred horses and a hundred canons participated.

Their goals: to engage a wider audience beyond re-enactment and Napoleon enthusiasts, and to convert no less than 120,000 of them to ticket buyers using a strategic, conversion-based content and social media approach.

To that end, Voice conceived a full-fledged conversational communication plan for our sister company VO Communication, the event’s executive producer, and their partner Verhulst Events and Partners. The plan integrates web, public relations, and social media.

A holistic approach using digital and PR

We set up an extensive website in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German. The site servesd as the core of all communications as well as the opportunity for conversions, such as ticket sales, requests to participate in the re-enactment and merchandising.

Public relations helped us get the word out. We partnered with journalists in TV, radio and printed press to heighten awareness for this extraordinary event through multiple press conferences, a press kit and an online press room. Leading up to June 2015, we provided press relations with a monthly fresh story by means of a press release.

Social media created day-to-day engagement. However, the Facebook page was just the beginning; throughout the year, we created additional Facebook pages for 10 historical characters to interact with. We aadded Instagram and Twitter to the mix, as well as a YouTube channel which hosts several videos. 

Voice truly enjoyed the remarkable task of bringing an historical event to the public using the rich set of communication tools available today.


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