Real-Time PR: it's time to use Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live

Nowadays, conversations are happening everywhere, anywhere, anytime, also on your events! How do you engage with your audience off-PowerPoint or off-stand? Interviews, user testimonials, behind-the-scene peeks, contests, live video, celebrity chats… are key PR assets that can help you rise above the noise and make you magnetic for influencers, journalists, bloggers,...

By live covering your events, you are entering the Real-Time PR era! Furthermore, by extending the audience interacting with your brand, you are increasing the ROI of your events!

Attendees are sharing your presentations, your activities, their opinions and their emotions on social media. But what makes people really engage is real-time contextual information. Therefore Voice developed two packages which you can plug right into your event mix allowing you to lead the conversation: Live Social Broadcasting & Live Social Coverage.

Live Broadcasting
on Social Media

We offer an alternative for complex and expensive streaming solutions by using Facebook Live and YouTube Live to broadcast your happening on social media. Our in-house dynamic live crew and their highly portable equipment make it possible to set up a broadcast fast.

Our starter package:

  • Location scouting
  • Scenario building
  • Promotion of upcoming live
  • Speaker, cameraman and equipment
  • Facebook Live Broadcast (30 minutes)
  • Online Monitoring & Community Management
  • Impact Reporting
  • Delivery of your video file

Live On-site
Community Management

Our expertise in conversational marketing strategy, in social media management and in social PR make us well positioned to cover your event via live community management. Our team can cover your event on-site, interacting with visitors and reacting to online posts.

Our starter package:

  • 2 Community Managers – Fr & Nl (or EN)
  • Content curation
  • Cutting edge format for each social media (gif, boomerang, …)
  • Online monitoring & Community Management
  • Impact Reporting

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It’s not about filming and publishing only. We stimulate the online conversations by identifying content that can be related to the subject of your event to raise more interest and attract visitors. This content can be a post, but also a live interview.Subjects of conversation and interviews are prepared carefully and a live-scenario is developed and tested prior to the broadcast or live coverage. Voice uses a methodology that has proven its effectiveness on numerous events.

They trusted us to engage their audience live:

Taking it further

Building your audience

A live only makes sense if there’s an audience. To encourage a maximum of people to attend your live broadcast, we can contact relevant online platforms prior to your event (agenda websites, industry specific bloggers and twitter accounts…) to inform them about the program and to get them on board.  This will increase your chances of being seen, relayed, shared and endorsed prior and during your event. Our social advertising experts can help you identify the best way to promote your event.

Keeping track

Apart from spreading content, Voice keeps track of positive and relevant posts shared on Social Media. To achieve this, we implement a storytelling widget on your website or Facebook page. This will allow you to showcase and highlight all your online endorsement and to keep track of all online content produced for the occasion. It also allows you to use your existing owned communication channels instead of building yet another one for the occasion.


  • Inform attendees about what’s happening and what’s up next at your event
  • Demonstrate your involvement
  • Encourage online engagement with attendees and non-attendees
  • Stimulate endorsement from influencers and relevant online platforms
  • Collect interesting insights

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